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The Angel of the Unborn

The Angel of the Unborn

The joy of their birth marked the sadness of his last day
But for right now here he would stay
He leaned closer as he heard the first cry
This one was special, he couldn’t deny 

He heard the peel of a second cry
Soon it would be his time to fly
This guardian angel of the unborn
Could hear the sound of heaven’s beckoning horn

How he would miss their sweet harmony
While silent to man, angel's rejoiced heavenly
Never before did he know of a time
When earthly sounds were so sublime

The meaning is “famed, bright; shining flame”
So like a songbird, Robin was named
Then knowing the path his brother would take
God called him Maurice like the Patron Saint

He heard the flutter of far-away wings
Protecting angels coming to guard them from what life brings
He turned back to the infants and in one angelict kiss
Their names were added to God’s holy list

He blessed them with the gifts God had ordained
Through the kiss of an angel their futures proclaimed
They would be loved and favored by man
Their lives they'd give in service,fulfilling God's plan
With a flurry of feathers and one last look, the angel took flight
Blessing these new souls had been this messenger's delight
God's ultimate love for all was made true
By the music they’ve given to me and to you

 Copyright © 2013
Poem Written by Brandi Voyles
In Honor and Memory of Maurice and Robin Gibb
December 22, 1949 - January 12, 2003
December 22, 1949 - May 20, 2012
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Brandi Flatt Voyles More than 1 year ago
As an avid Bee Gees fan, and a bigger fan of our God-given portals to heaven, through music, art, and writing, I was aflame with inspiration for this particular write. The original design created for this poem can be viewed on my Robin Gibb memorial page on Facebook.Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/RobinGibbFightForRobinCampaign?ref=hl Here is my experience while creating this poem: For most of yesterday, last night, and today I have spent in the quiet of an open heart. I was inspired and knew I would not stop until my job was done. This is a short prologue to share my experience during my time composing this poem and then finding something worthy to post it. I want to tell you that the design was made completely peace-meal. I searched for just the right images to depict the words that flowed through my spirit to write this. I also did some research which had added to the context of my writing. "As I wrote it, I could actually see the hospital room the night of the twins' birth. I envisioned their beautiful angel standing guard over their mother while she travailed in labor. I could see his gentle smile when Robin greedily gasped his first breath. I almost felt his sorrow at having to leave his charges for other adventures; and thought how much he would lose when the "music" had to change for the next new soul he will see safely created. "I truly felt how bittersweet the taking of his leave must be to him. But God commissions only the guardians who best suit each mission He chooses for them. Moments passed several times as I experienced a beautiful presence here with me. I wish I could have at least asked some questions, but said instead, "I can't see you, but I know you're here. And I am not worthy of the presence of one such as you. But through my spiritual eyes I was that His beauty was ethereal, healthy skin glowing. The angel's eyes sparkled like stars plucked from heaven and his hair hung in rich ringlets.' To gaze upon an angel is almost beyond any human's comprehension. For within them lives the very portal to God...these "messengers of our Creator!!!" The presence was merely there to impress me with the mission God had entrusted to me. I will write more. I will love better and bigger. I will make God proud!! (Brandi)
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Jaco Hoffman More than 1 year ago
Interesting perspective. Implying that there is more to this life than meats the eye.
Brandi Flatt Voyles More than 1 year ago
Oh but there is my friend....SOOOOOO MUCH MORE! Have you never heard the secret rush of angel's wings around you?
Melissa Anne More than 1 year ago
Spiritual and enlightning.
Brandi Flatt Voyles More than 1 year ago
Thank you Melissa. Spiritual...absolutely...and if it enlightened than I win twice! Bless you!
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