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Take You There

Driven back to the olden dayz.
Watching your precious possessions
going up in flames.
Seeking promise but you only find
sagging despair.
You live your life without an ounce of care.
Prayer be your friend tonight.
You still loose the battle inside yourself
to give in to what's right.
So you drift like an unseen tribe.
Your dark soul hums with a intricate vibe.
Crystalized heart comes down on you.
Quickly, decide what's false and what's true.
Unbalanced as the earth, you stumble upon
the given sight.
You think everything now will be alright.
Til the very end sees you through, you won't
know what's at stake until the last breathe
is finally due.
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Ofuonyebi 'Dinobi More than 1 year ago
well done...........
Vicky Fett More than 1 year ago
very true and inspiring
Norelle M. More than 1 year ago
Despite those really minor errors, this is pretty inspiring.
Manuel More than 1 year ago
Poetry is neither right or wrong, yet it is so easy to critical of others. I always welcome comments, suggestions, criticism and everything else people throw at me. I love poetry, which is why I've been writing for well over 27 yrs. I don't look for publication, instead I only wish to share my work with the world. I thank you kindly for commenting, and please keep writing.
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