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Sitting lonesome on the tree branch under the sky.
Staring off into the clouds watching birds fly.
Wondering what it would be like to be so very high.
You wish you could soar so you give it a try.
You forget about the worries you have.
There's nothing you can lose from this jump.
Nobody truly cares about you, right?
That's what you think as you bound from the branch.
You smile as you feel the air rush through your face.
Feelings of chains being broken from around you pulse through you.
Freedom is the only word that can describe this moment.
Shame that you had to give up something so precious,
For something you could have found if you had stepped down.
If you had only seen through the window tinted with hate.
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Kayla Ogborn More than 1 year ago
I felt every word you said.
Shannon Weaver More than 1 year ago
Nice writing style.
yvonne sensing More than 1 year ago
I agree
HenryKevin Cueto More than 1 year ago
ending through me off guard. didn't expect it to end like that
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