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Energy Matters

She was energy
And I was matter
Yet it made utter sense
She crackled like hot white
Fluidity consistently reaching
Vibrant illumination
Brightening the hollow dark of my soul
Very few are privy too
And while she gave light to my spirit
I gave her solidity
Made foundation possible
And more importantly Believable
Knowing that even the most powerful energy
Would eventually need to touch down on something
And it had to solid
The world say we don't make sense
But hell what does the world know
Rarely does it either
There is an eloquent rhythm to our together
That turn melodies into shockwaves
Turn symphonies of choirs deaf
And reveals the cracks to unknown worlds
With its power
We have conqured this plane
She tells me peering through cracks
To the other worlds
Looking at me with confident smile
And trusting abandon
My love
This never ending source of vital energy
Grabbed my hand
And asked me was I ready for the next one
Grateful and Blessed
I remembered my truth
That fact being I matter
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damos french 5 months ago
About love
Energy Matters, by damos french 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
damos french 5 months ago
About love
damos french 5 months ago
And the energy spent
H. Alan Neff 5 months ago
Your Word usage is wonderful

Your description is a thrill to Read

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Kushal kalita 5 months ago
Sonja Carnes 5 months ago
Awesome write
V. Paul Hall 5 months ago
Your theme is vague, and you need to pay more strict attention to your English.  Too means also.  When meaning toward or in the direction of, it is spelled to.
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