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Don't hate me now

They call me Sam
Yea I'm white
But I'm just trying to rise up in the light
It's not right to hate
Or discriminate
So why don't y'all sit down for I think I found tune everyone can listen to

Alright I want to be number one
But it won't be done
If I don't have encouragement
And a refreshment
Your hate is just like my bait
I eat it fast and spit it out slow
no homo
Why don't you go take a hike mike
While I'm walking on this cash
Y'all boys still selling that hash
You may have some hops
At least I ain't in with the cops
Doing drugs and rape is not cool
Only makes you a little fool
Why don't you take a seat and think about your action
Don't have a reaction
For nobody cares
All of those dares
Have lead up to this point
For you shouldn't have taken that joint
You guys are stupid
Wanting to be hit by Cupid
All the bro's and ho's
Have to go
Get your life straight
So you can change your fate
Don't grow up nasty
And become a fatty
Please be a good guy
And don't say good-bye
Yes once again I'm white
But I go out like a dynamite
I give your boys a fright
So they can't mess with me
You tried to blow off my knee
But that didn't work
Only made you a salesclerk
I want you to know
That I'm not for show
I just want to be know
And not a foe
Don't you think my flow
Is a nice as a stereo
I didn't undergo
A full length bio
They just sat me down on a patio
Said I was white
And soon to be bright
Thanks to the hate
I'm now lifting up the heavyweight
In my new estate
I know you like to incorporate
But you just underestimate
My complete power
I'm like a thundershower
When your eating your clam chowder
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