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Things (written for my son)

The things I love,the things I miss,
Life is full of curves and things like this.
It's this thing that thing and the other thing too.
It's things like this that make me think of you.
So I keep all these things close by my side
And in my heart things I can't hide.
It's this thing that thing and the other thing too.
All the good things are waiting for you.
Don't do the things I've said or the things I've done
And appreciate all the little things Son.
It's things of the future things of the past.
Things that are brittle and things that won't last.
It's things that are happy, things that are sad It's all
the things that make you mad. As you travel down your
boulevard of dreams ,Pay attention to all these things.
Be it gladness, sorrow, heartache too. When you understand
these things son There's nothing you can't do!
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Swanta Young More than 1 year ago
Anything written for a child is great
Jocella Holley More than 1 year ago
Love the flow of the words
Monica Harley More than 1 year ago
I like it. It flows nicely.
Alan Green 'Guppyman' More than 1 year ago
the poet is telling the reader what they like about thier life and why they like it
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