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Start Again.

He broke my heart, But I moved on.
I just never knew. it'd take so long.
I loved him with everything I had.
I hope he knows how it hurt so bad.
I thought he loved me, like he always said.
Now, I'm thinking he wanted to get into my head.
I gave him everything, I gave him love.
But now he wins, when push comes to shove.
The only thing we ever did was fight.
I found someone better, he treats me right.
I've moved on, I hope he did too.
How bad did I hurt him? I have no clue.
I found someone else, I gave him my heart.
Now again, I'm going to re-start<3 
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evelyn aps More than 1 year ago
i like the evolution and the feelings expressed in your verse.
jeanine canaris More than 1 year ago
been there
Geri Lloyd More than 1 year ago
I can see a young love that is slowing maturing both by the physical and the mental
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