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Hero before Victim

We cannot know anything that they felt before, during, and ever after. How could anyone?

Beyond fright, flight, and terror comes a few to answer a call. This is not a dream or a movie They are doomed.

Within this cloud of pain and for some calm that they made a choice. Spirits linger on watching below The same scene sometimes over again; You can still feel their tears in the rain.

Yet they were there and changed these events Saved possibly my life, if not thousands since.

We here in these orbital days forevermore will sing your praise. We need to thank you now, but you're all gone

Oh, that choice to be a hero before victim. God blesses victims and makes room for a few more saints
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Nelson Jacobsen More than 1 year ago
Having been in DC and seen both of the world trade centers go down it was pins and needles and as a resident of the nationals capitol city I know we're a target. The fact that these people stopped this plan by a choice they made is extra-ordinary and I'm thankful to them for showing me how it's done when the time comes.
Nelson Jacobsen More than 1 year ago
So I wrote this just after 911 and it's a reflection upon the fate of those on the plane that was crashed by the passengers on United Flight 93 in Shanksville PA.
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Lalithamba Avadhanam More than 1 year ago
Odile Blake More than 1 year ago
Simple use of language, which are emotive and makes the poem strongly felt.
Eva Jackson More than 1 year ago
makes me think
Swapan Rakshit More than 1 year ago
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