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I Wish I Could Die

I wish I could die and leave all
the pain behind, I wouldn't even
say goodbye or tell my family why
I would just die.
They would call me weak they would
think I just ran away from the things
I couldn't defeat.
But they don't know the real reason
why I wanted to die it's not because
the things I couldn't defeat or that
I'm weak it's just I couldn't get
away from me.
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Tim Watroba More than 1 year ago
sounds as if you need a hug and not a review of your poem. although your sadness comes through quite effectively
cherry blossom More than 1 year ago
i can relate so thoroughly enjoyed. thanks
Larry Stallings More than 1 year ago
No wated word or thought
Cathy Pittillo More than 1 year ago
Been there and overcome. You will too. Live victoriously you're worth it.
Farida Amin More than 1 year ago
Very emotional and meaningful poem
Shama Bukhari More than 1 year ago
Come back , you can live this life.... Not everyone hurts , there are few people always around you ( sent by God ) who loves you..... . you can survive ..... Your strength is your PEN .... write , write and write.
Ingrid Luvgud More than 1 year ago
love it
Carley Mills More than 1 year ago
So much meaning. I feel ya.
Felicia Yandja More than 1 year ago
Bradford N Kimberly Cheyne More than 1 year ago
why so sad,,, i have days like tht and i hate them...
ERWIN CARABALLO More than 1 year ago
Very heartfelt and moving. You could feel the pain in his words and his cry for help.
Don McMorrow More than 1 year ago
there are days when all of this feel like this my friend.... please know that if you are patient there will ALSO come a day when you ask yourself "what was I thinking?" Hang in there and keep that "pen" in your hand.... you have a very special way with words~
Misty Simon 4 months ago
I so feel the same
Paris White More than 1 year ago
Short and simple yet bold and powerful....very good, many would agree with you that's good when your writing to the world.
Abby McGirt More than 1 year ago
I Want To Say I Understand Your Words and Know There Would Be More Thought If Your Poem Is A Prequel To Events To Come. Pain Can Be Overwhelming While Words Make It All That More Real. I Applaud You For Sharing With Strangers Such A Powerful Display Of Words That Each One Can Feel. May Your Words Give You Freedom To Release All That Holds You......
Emad Yousef More than 1 year ago
I think you touched a chord with many other people who share the same emotions. I felt reminded and understanding.
Shir Hanochi More than 1 year ago
Kristen Lejeune More than 1 year ago
do it
Carzell Kemp More than 1 year ago
Its like, you are your own worst enemy. and death is the only way from excaping him. or it.
Jeffrey Puckett More than 1 year ago
A very powerful rendering of emotional trauma.
DeAnna Overby More than 1 year ago
very relatable
Sammer Ghouleh More than 1 year ago
Good read
Lucian Tower More than 1 year ago
Hi Jason Harris! I see you have written a poem that tends to tell me that you a quite familiar about the subject. Well, me too! I was hit twice, by explosions, in Vietnam years ago, while I served my country as a U.S.M.C. Every time the weather changes I get a wake-up call from the pain. So I can relate with your subject. Keep writing! Lucian Tower
Shama Bukhari More than 1 year ago
Such nice words , Lucian , you have penned down for our this poet... Your comments are marvellous , full of hope and life for Harrison and for all of us as well...I wish you healthy , happy life .... Be happy always !
Jason Harris More than 1 year ago
Thank u Mister Tower for you service to our country and your review of my poem
Coy Day More than 1 year ago
Charleson Charles More than 1 year ago
You shall overcome
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