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True story!

Top of an ivory tower
The sweet princess with golden eyes
Sings with a  nice crystalline voice
Some gentle romantic threnodies
Dreaming about her charming prince

A nice spring day, when life exults
A prince passes near the princess
And hearing the melodious voice
Immediately he falls in love
And moves towards the high tower

On a rocky peak facing her
A dragon in love  is watchful
Scenting the danger to his sweet
In three moves of wings and a dive
He is faced to the handsome hunk

The valorous hot-blooded prince
Listening only his courage
Leaps forward, brandishing his sword
To hit the beast between his eyes
But the blade slides over a scale.

The handsome prince falls to the ground
The dragon in a few seconds
Turns the prince in a human torch
And angry because its scale striped
Does the same thing to the princess

This sad story has a moral:
Leave the lovely dragons alone
Especially for a princess
Who, after having ruined you
Will take your horse and your castle.
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