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Body Mind & Soul

our bodies are blank canvases. anxious to be the medium in which we hone and create, perfect and innovate. they need it, lest they become useless. a mass of potential energy waiting for the inclination to transform and be kinetic. our bodies loathe the still, idle, stagnant state our society has allowed, even encouraged them to become. 
our minds. they are a weapon, a shield, anything really. in the chambers of conscious thought nothing limits but thought itself, whether they are overlooking the small or allowing the profound to go unnoticed. the most powerful in our repertoire, but often the path to destruction. the creator of beautiful notions, and malignant intentions. powerful enough to set us free, fragile and susceptible enough to be corroded, corrupted. the paradigm of paradox.
the soul, the light, the spirit. what makes us human, and the seeds of gods. the breath, flowed into us by the unknown. denied by some, ones who mock the mystic. embraced by those who hold themselves on a holy accord while they sin as all do. but, what can emotion, passion, or our will be accredited to but this. our souls, the bounty of revelation that the old ones fight for. the eternal gambit. or just… a word.   
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Jim Bellamy 8 months ago
wow -  real moving
Shailender Gandi More than 1 year ago
gud one Here is the one that i ve written with love for.... I hope you will like it. Let me know :) http://poetry.com/poems/493654-Unbelievable-You-are-
gary fenner More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed it
Alanda Welch More than 1 year ago
it echo's some of my own thoughts and feelings. its very good
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