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I'm slightly thirsty I could use a drink.Yes I said it I'm slightly thirsty not dehydrate just a bit dry. And with that being said I'll try not to lie next time you ask me if I can fly I'll just reply that I'm fine even though I know you know I'm not quite fine. I would love to spread my wings and just fly. It's a toss up, my answer lies within the sky. Rain drops on my mind even clouds need some water. My grounds been dug and now it's time, place my seed but make sure to water me! Because yes I said I'm slightly thirsty now you know that you have heard me not  once but twice. How many times can I say it. I'll come right out and say it, but next time you ask me I'll remember that I told you. So stop right there and remember sometimes I do reply!
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Poems come to me like water, in my mind the words flutter in my heart that's where emotions lie. Why would you think when it's all right inside.all the pain and happiness I need with just one though. Hell I'll even whisper them if you need not one but two.Maybe three it's like a dream to me. I've awaken everything I need.  now I just need to learn how to use it. Life is to short to loose it so don't stop now come and use it!
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I  look for answers I stop in the light but there is no one in sight. Loudly I cry now people start to gather around, for whom do they see the dead girl with shards in her eyes because I failed to see. What was right in front of me. By:Krystle M Wheeler
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A mathematics equation can only have one answer but I find myself with more then one. Redoing it over and over. how many times can this be done to get a solution?. I thought that there could only be one right way, for it to be written ,one answer to be solved. So why do I find  myself reviewing this! All these numbers look like nonsense. Fix my problem so I can be done with it. How can I be stuck on just one thing. Are you over looking it. Oh wait now I'm dead stop right in my tracks. Should I hit replay again just one more time please. It  wasn't quite my time. Maybe next time I'll make it though.. now i see it's just me only the best seem to survive these test!!!  
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I wish you say something, tell me you hate me, tell me you care just tell me your there.
A silent whisper in my ear, long deep breaths of air anything of yours that I can hear.
Feelings brushed away, doors shut and told never to be opened. How’s the silence been?
 I can’t take it. Just want to scream burst of sounds my lungs clasped  
 You’re so good at this pretending, we were never together. 
While I’m suffering feel like I’m dying it’s always been, about your lies .our happiness only lies in your hands, If you would have just stopped pretending I’m not even alive! 
I can’t say I know what you’re thinking in your twisted over sized mind, all I know is the contents lies you told. Maybe even to this very last second or even to the end of time.
I can only say I’m sorry. you hated me more then you loved me. If it wasn't for all your lies you told . Today we might be one, a couple yes changes had to me made people needed to wake up, something’s had to be stopped, but never sacrifice love for what yet needs to be learned only time is in our hand now. 
People die and goodbyes are never said. I did what I thought was right at the time not realizing
My life would be let go closed out. The pain is worse than anything imaginable. 
I wish you say something, Tell me you hate me, tell me you care just tell me your there.
Even the nothings on paper that make no sense put a smile on this face. Never thought I’d feel so out of place.
 The emptiness in my heart can never be replaced your face will never be erased.
I've been so lonely inside I've tried everything but that feeling is always there inside it just drives me 
Back to that same place. I’d go to such great lengths to show you I’m sorry, I travel across the world and back just to reach you If today was my last day I’d be sure to spent it next to you. You are one of the most important people to me that’s why my mind always brings me back to you!! 
My heart lies for your taken; please don’t be hard with it, it’s already been broken. I've been trying to put the pieces back together like a puzzle but only one thing is needed and that’s that one piece in the middle that opens my heart. So here I am I swear I’ll give you everything it’s worth because nothing worth losing you again and again. This silent’s kills like you won’t believe or maybe your punishing me . 
Point taken this punishment is to serve. My panda Bear  I’ll always hold you in my heart . 
To my valentine, Will you be mine
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Missing you at night!
Just woke up, I'm alone, it sucks when you need someone to hold. Wish you were here, not over there. So close in my dreams but, so far away to touch. I miss you so much! I lay on my own, my pillow is here to hold, it's not same, your warm hand holding me so close, I can feel the touch, your body on mine the warmth of your breath. I feel so complete when ever your near, too souls my heart and yours make us one when we're together we make a whole. For my Panda Bear. 
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I know people say your gone 6 feet under and faded away with the world,but  they're  wrong because what they don't know is your with all the time right by my side. you brake my fears when am scared you brighten by day when I'm sad,you hold my head up when I'm crying and make me laugh when I'm mad. I could never ask for a better DAD!! 
Just knowing your there makes me know how much you really care. You showed me how to smile when I'm down,now my frown is always upside down.Even though I saw you slowly die you never left my side.you are the best dad.
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