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I wish you were coming to cuddle
I miss wrapping you up my lil bundle
Carry you marry you my princess light
... continued
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I once knew a kid who liked to deep think
And then he gave in to the smoke and the drink
The world offers too much fun to be had
But after all the drugs make you empty and sad
They trick you into believing
The world that you're leaving
Is causing the depression that you feel
But there's more than one way to deal.
I heard about a boy who was really into music
He bought a bass guitar and learned how to use it
The music offers too much fun to be had
Cause after all the rhythm isn't bad
It tricks you into feelings
The world isn't stealing
The things that make you wanna dance.
Are you in a psychadelic trance?
I now know a man who mourns for the earth
He's been curious of his surroundings since birth
This worry blocks the too much fun to be had
Since the etheral pleasure should make you glad
The mind tricks itself into thinking
All the lies, drugs, and drinking
Compound thoughts of being what you want
But to catch the prey you gotta hunt
Everybody is searching for someone
Everyone is looking to have fun
Grown up children run their tongue
While baby girls raise our sons
We all wonder when this is done
Will we still bask in the glory of the sun? 

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My favorite color

like a pit of sand
... continued
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