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Much Better

He has to be better
Give me what a girl deserves
He cant play any games with me
He needs to want more
Put me first, his number 1
Call me when he misses me
Not because he needs a favor
Dont say you do enough for me, by giving me rides to places
Hold me close and laugh with me til im crying
The new prince in my life
He was the one I called my other half
But you just have to be better
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Provide me the affection my past couldnt give
Make time for me, not letting days pass between
Read into my words dont think everythings peachy
Allow yourself to really fall for me
Dont hold too many chicks on the benches
The back up, or your f*ck buddy
Care when I give you every sob story of my life
Pretend im perfect just for a second, and I can never be replaced
Keep your word dont ever forget or break them
Promise me something, promise to be better
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Will you come to my rescue, be that knight ive been waiting for?
Ive been convinced twice before, but they say 3's a charm
Act out scenes from my favorite love movies for me
Kiss me in the rain, a bubble bath just me and you
Grow up and step up to the plate
Claim yourself as my man!
Can you say im your woman?
The one you cant live without?
Argue with me one second, and the next make out :)?
Dont exclude me from your world, right when I feel im totally in
I can keep goin on and on
Just be better... Much better than him
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Joan More than 1 year ago
Thsi poem is about letting go of someone who has treated me wrong and hoping to find better in the guy
Joan More than 1 year ago
No girl should be any mans second choice no matter how much you love him or he claims to love you
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Lauren Marshall More than 1 year ago
I can totally relate to this. Well, I can mostly relate. It's very good.
Megan Salfrank More than 1 year ago
There is so much emotion in every word of this poem, it packs a punch! This is a great thing! Just be careful with format--what is the about? Make sure you read through once before sharing. :) Sorry, i'm an editing nazi. :) Otherwise, great stuff.
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