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If you were my love

I want to give you the best
This passion inside of my chest.

For hours I think of you,
I only wish you would love me too.

If you were mine, oh darling
I would make your days so shiny.

If I only could win your heart
We would never ever be appart.

If you came to be my Valentine
You would be forever and always mine.

If you were my love I might say
I would stop the time, and make you stay.

But I think of you and I cry
For I know you never will be mine.

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Kevin Walker More than 1 year ago
90% of what i read on this site are love poems __ this is the box your mind is trapped in [_]
Samantha Small More than 1 year ago
Love is hard to describe. But you made it simple.
miguel aldaco More than 1 year ago
I can relate to the sentiment, but I might have a better time doing so if there were less abstract emotional descriptors and more time paid to how this person makes you feel this way... Specific things... like maybe describe a day and the things that happened that got you to this place. none-the-less, thanks for sharing!
Leona Chaput More than 1 year ago
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