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Another Love Poem

I’m not a young man anymore.
I can’t run or jump or dance
Like I used to before.
I can’t even hit a high note
At random or at will,
But I can laugh, cry and smile
And I can love you still.
I can still miss you when you’re gone,
And write a poem or a book about you.
I can still reminisce on the good times,
And even the bad times too.
I can still stare up at the moon,
And still single out a star.
I can still think about you and miss you
Wherever you are.
So whatever you do
And wherever you go,
There’s this one little thing
I want you to know…
“You’ll never be alone
So don’t ever be afraid,
Because I’ll always keep my word
On that promise I made…”
And that’s to be with you forever!
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Anna Laurencio More than 1 year ago
Continuent la magnifique créativité Keep up the wonderful creativity
Joe Kelly More than 1 year ago
Shanelle Salazar More than 1 year ago
very sweet-
ARUN MAZUMDER 3 months ago
very fine
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