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As I see her for the first time, my eyes illuminate, heart skipped a beat, knees weak arms are heavy, comet in the sky already wish was granted I mean look at you, it's such a beautiful view, I think love is beautiful too, lust is for the faint of heart that start the journey based on sex appeal than end it when they realize the person they're with is just an empty husk. Nothing there beyond the stimulation of the sex they seek, than they peak and leave something to be desired. Love.

At the touch of love every man becomes a poet, he wrote that down in big letters just to show it, that she is his muse that he'll use as inspiration on every groove from his pen, see he is just a normal man and she is his mortal sin and that's ok, cause to know where the road my take you first you must know where you began. And yes there will be twist and turns and bridges you must burn for love, but that's all part of the journey. See lust is not a bad thing, but love is so much better, cause lust is temporary while with love you have a real shot at forever. And that's what we all want.

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