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My rage boiled to one hundred degrees,
as you told your lies as high as a tree,
you made a girl cry, you didn’t care.
My hate for you still hangs in the air,
but I refuse to fall, to fall.
That was a horrible call.
I was being torn down like the Berlin Wall.
I was crumbling but refusing to fall and my tears were turned on.
Cause I had hope in my heart,
but it was decayed from the start.
You’ll never find any proof, none at all.
I never killed all along.
You’ll never find any proof, none at all.
I never killed all along.
You claim you saw death but so have I on the streets.
You claim I’m strung out on finding death funny.
Your words haunt me that I cannot sleep.
With my serial killer knowledge in retreat,
at least my teeth aren’t yellow, crooked teeth.
If you ever need my knowledge, I will suddenly not have enough for both.
You aren’t so cute when you slur your speech,
the bars closed, why don’t you leave?
You are a war, only thinking with your head.
We are at war for I think with my heart.
It will always be this way.
Unless you can speak kindly I like how I spoke to you.
But since I speak my mind, I don’t know what to say.

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