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a girl called little bow peep .

I herd a poem once about Annabel lee I know less of her than she knows of me,
But I once met a herder that tended to sheep, she went by the name of little bow peep,
She got lost with her cargo or so they say, she's the same place right now as she was yesterday, and I can't say I know anything of the sheep but I know the whereabouts of little bow peep , I was standing right there when they buried her deep
Grass grew over top the mound of her grave, next to a tree that hung a few slaves , the slaves blood and bow peeps mingled in the ground which caused some confusion in the masters ol blood hound who was on the scent of more strange fruit to leave upon the ground. Loose lips sink ships so bow peep learned that day , now a once weren't free man owns them sheep and they graze where bow peep lays. And the masters wife's daughters been smiling for days.

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