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I was looking at one of the innocent girls 
She  peeped straight into my eyes too, 
What was she conveying?
Was there something that went wrong?
Or was there something that remained unheard !
Was there something that was left obscured;
Or was there anything that remained hidden? 
What were her eyes meant to convey in the moment...
Know I not !
Did I try enough to comprehend but?
They say if I had tried, 
Then it had never be 
And I would not had been writing 
In this flow ;
For what was meant to have been discerned 
Has gone unnoticed and then;
When it ought to have happened 
At surely the spur of the moment.
For I missed the sight 
And its essence in one 
Now know I not 
I wonder to this day, 
As to what was to unfold 
As to what she meant to say 
As to what did her glare convey 
Did she mean mystery 
Or did she mean palpitation?
Did she mean abstract ?
Or did she mean obvious ?
This mind is tangled,
In the obesity of the moment 
Knows grapple and to continue 
With the everlasting search 
A search for the next moment 
Which is tough in pain 
Or happiness to relay 
And relieving in seizure, 
Which is free from guilt 
And  which is free from favour 
Fervent belief I behold 
For I know not 
Which way it is to go..
Tweaked my senses are
The brain nerves eagle hard struggling 
To know as to what did she mean 
When she was speaking 
And silently ! 
Through the volumes in her eyes. 

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