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                     My Muses-04-02-drkgb
                     Dawn, appearing the Emperor;
                     In his seven-horsed chariot;
                     From the horizon to the horizon;
                     The royal way;
                     Enrooting the dark,  
                     Enlightening the heart!
                     Day by day, as the dawn anew;
                     On the pinnacle, the nascent hue;
                     The sweet, the fragrant, the glow;
                     The Rishi, the Angel, the magnificent
                     Duo, the charioteers!
                     You the winner of the four ages,
                     The rising sun, the day-star,
                     The Lord, the savor the great;
                     How punctual you are!
                     The enlightener of my eye;
                     The Guru, the perpetual;
                     You the energizer, the cultivator,
                     The player, the terminator!
                     The dawn dawning,
                     The day dazing as everyday!
                       The four ages= Krita, Treta, Dwapara, Kali
                                                 (Indian Mythology)
                       Guru= Great Teacher

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