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Written or spoken words have incredible, magical power
Appeal to our emotions as the fragrance or the scent of a flower
Create a dominant image in our minds, have a profound impact
Easily remembered and retained, undeniable true fact
Words can revitalize, hearten, inspire and motivate
Shape the course of life; make us change our own fate
Right words can nurture your soul
Give you strength to attain a goal
Have the power to build confidences
Ensure long, unmitigated life alliances
Words can stir our emotions
Have set whole nations in motion
The tongue of the wise brings healing
Convert your words into blessing
Reckless words stab, pierce like a sword
Learn to pick and select the meticulous word
Poorly chosen words can lower expectations
Hold people back, kill motivation
Don’t tear down people with words of criticism
In your judgment, avoid any fanaticism
Use words to ignite change, support and uplift
All the way through life be trained to radically shift
The right words spoken or written the right way
Can bring love, empathy and respect all the way.
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Life is abiding, an ever-lasting, eternal fight
Scratching along the day, feeling exhausted and tormented at night
... continued
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I wake and I see your blonde spiky hair,
it is surreal and I wonder why  you’re here,
your taking money and hanging out under
... continued
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I have a friend I call him Newbie,
He has read some of my poetry.
... continued
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Love is an abstract painting
The heart is not red alone
... continued
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I have wrote two poems about you but I still haven't cried,
Looking for something in storage I found your picture the other night.
... continued
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by Wayne P
Who are you?
Is there anything special at all?
What can you do that's unique?
... continued
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The night all around me was silent.
But I know that any moment it could turn violent.
... continued
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Everyone’s sacrifice has been delivered by
Almighty God, his name is Jesus Christ.
Savior of the human race, He had to die,
To serve in blood no other way to suffice,
Everlasting life to all that believe He is the way.
Remember how God loves us this special day
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Your sadness is breaking my heart,
... continued
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