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As I walked along the trail
looking for a hidden tell
with each step I began to fear
a waiting enemy oh so near
walking point is not a joy
first to walk in an enemies ploy
If I ever thought to hesitate
chances are I’d meet my fate
A point-mans life is very short
often on the casualty report
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Can you feel the pull can you feel it the most
got to hold you down when you want to let go
Always on my shoulder deep in my head,
... continued
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•Time has no beginning or end –
•Time is absolute –
•Absolute cannot be cut or divided
... continued
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She's beautiful and precious that girl you hold so dear
as you whisper the secrets that used to float in my atmosphere
so tell me why is she the one who is worthy of your heart?
... continued
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Sometimes when I'm sitting alone by myself
I get to thinking strange things
Like how my whole life, regardless of when
... continued
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Travels from mind to heart and back;
Into blood cells and bone marrow;
... continued
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I don’t know
What will happen tomorrow?
But today you keep singing,
... continued
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Pain is truth
Forever blasted in skin
The beat the rhythm
... continued
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Let us control what we can today, leave yesterday in the past, and let tomorrow reap from today's seed.
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That one palm tree on a beach, that’s where you'll be, that one star that shines and leads the way to your love…. I'm coming baby. I dig my feet in the sand one after the other as I get closer to you, the wind blows  the scent of Yves St Laurent lingers in the air, I'm coming baby...the ocean waves drifts quietly into the moonlight slowly so silent, serenading me as I draw closer to you, I feel the shells in the sand seep through my toes as your scent draws me closer, I'm coming baby...my dark man covered in white linen which  falls across your body so well,  watching me as I take this journey towards our love leaving behind foots prints of the past drifting in uncharted chapter of this paradise called us, I'm coming baby… you extend your hand, I reached for it a thousand times….but this is the first time under these heavenly skies I see you in a different light, a light of peace, comfort  and pleasure….away from  the hustles of the world we left in arrears, I'm here baby….hold me under glory, let me know this exists, guide me to the unknowing show me of the bliss...we've made it and we're here, there's no going back ,let’s  make this life forever , we've ran to far to fall off track
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