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Memories are golden nuggets of the past
those fleeting moments that does not last
stored in the vault of a tempered heart
drives these weary feet down it's present path

Memories of a lost laughter, a stolen smile
when naive innocence happily lingered a while
when toddling hearts were not ruled by needs
love lost call were boldly answered indeed

Memories striving to meet up and grow up
listening to advice of those responsibly atop
losing the secret pathway back to virgin Eden
living a sad lie with hearts so openly hidden

Memories of you and I do linger still
at the fading footfalls of the sun's heels
in quiet moments of truth and noble silence
I face you seemly naked without pretense

Memories are gone just like yesterday
like early morning dew that hates to stay
memories, a slice of heaven made true
because of someone as special as you

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You can and You will,
Let that be your breath in and breath out excercise, 
When your determination is resolute, 
... continued
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As a kid those days, I was taught to share 
The feelings I felt about life
So easy it was, to communicate
... continued
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I've never felt desire
like this before
you've litten a fire
... continued
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Posion is running thru the veins of life,
no matter how much we want to relent,
this darkness is going to flood our souls with
... continued
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Was left alone, built my glass house out of melted stones.
Shattered bones, fell from hash clouds into cemented thrones.
Rather prone, to the unknown dimensions of my dome.
... continued
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Leave the door cracked
So I can see into your world
Let me glimpse into your soul
... continued
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There were times that I felt so happy,
And there were times that I felt so sad.
... continued
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Silver spoon. First-born!
Ah! King Solomon!
You after all Didey are given rise.
How many the peleny looked for.
About you broadcast.
You after all imperial child!
Doesn't care it is impossible.
And carriage, and dreams.
And editions flowers.
Amazon to you not a joke.
How many Nobel! Terribly.
And cover, translation.
After all Israel will understand us.
How many we didn't sleep nights.
We as gave interview.
And we read a prayer.
"Israel Poetri" was found.
As Adam blessed.
And I paid attention.
How Littman asked us about God?
In Haifa we read lines.
To us the review was put.
Work means blessed.
And "A mitsva" very much we wait for bars.
Who loves everything, to you crazy.
The thesis for us.
Diplomacy compass.
The world was in love Solomon.
And construction canon.
Light! We welcome you.
Hollywood scenarios ours.
We adore animals.
And we glorify science.
To the entering I will eat the world.
On captivate friendship the house.
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After a day of
A million voices talking
A thousand bodies  moving
... continued
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