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(  ORIGINAL  BENGALI POEM  of 1990-s ; Composed  after  being requested by  Editor  of a   Delhi  Magazine   and    transliteration  ow ; 15/ 08 / 2014 )
Mind  or  thoughts  have  no  restraining  leash  
just  as  ,  forest - dwellers    have   of  no  concrete  foot  -path !
Just  now ;
I  am    resting  reclined
on my  River  - side  FlAT-  balcony
and my   mind  makes  random  flights
 like  escaped  birds!
Yes ,  I   have   some  definite   poise  
and  planned  design in life
As  a  person , some  of  my  neighbors
tease  me  as  'Talented'
yet  in the  way  of  real  living   
I have  learnt no disciplined  form
but  by good  luck , I  have  earned  
a  comfortable  and  Pensionedretied  life .
On the  wall  near  me  
an  old  calender  of   bygone  year
 hangs  and  sways  in  wind trying  desperately
 to   get an  extended  stay.
On the  tea  table  
an  old   tattered book with  a   pathetic cover ,-  torn
appeals  for  what -----  ?
Last  night  
there  was  'Black- out'  for  2 hours  in   the  town
yet, no   Coal-tar  night  can't  any  more  frighten  me
Rather the  chaotic  and  canine   face  of  day-time, --
tease  my  nerves  --more !
It  is  long - long  time    
I  did  not   visit ' CORBET  Park ' of    tigers
Now ,  after living in modern  Metropolis-life  
I   have  lost
further interest  in  canine World-s .

I  already  told in the  beginning  that :
Mind  and  thoughts  respect  no  disciplined  form.
I  love  to  bother  or  think on  many  issues -but
can  hardly  reach  ever  
to a  definite  structured  state  of  conclusion
In   boyhood  , I  dreamed of    becoming  a  poet
but  the  World  made me a   doctor  
even a  specialist
Even  I  loved  the  world  of  Visual  Art  
and  loved    sculpting 
Finally what  I  became  now
was  not  indispensable  to   the  Society
but saved  me  from   starving ; sure .  
For last  two  days
 there  have  been  flooding  Monsoon  Rain
Now  on  metalled road  
there  are a  few   water  pools and  open  man-holes
All  these are are  almost  normal  
and even printed  on daily  News-Columns
Now in  Country-side  there --
reports  of  floods  and  drowning  paddy  lands
Yes  ,  I  have   even  to  mention  them  all
while  writing  a  quite  Long Poem .

 My  Grand mother  loved to  tell  often  -
with me  on her lap
that -- when   I  was  one year. old  
 it was  possible  for  me    to  be  dead
and some  small-  size -pit was  dug    for  my  burial
while   all  were  waiting-weeping --  
for  my  last  gasping  breath -exhaled
But  it  happned  not    
and  I  am , even  to  day  alive  !

Even   another  time  
 I  got  drowned   in  our village   pool  
(a  few  years- later  event)
I was   found  floating  
and my  Grand   mother  jumped  down
 and pulled  me up
put  my  belly  on her  head  
and  whirled  round  and  round
and  got  all  the  water  out !
(how  smart  and  wiit  those  illiterate  women  , then!)
She , -acting   like  a  hub  of  a  wheel  
and   snatched  me  from  Death !
And  I  am  again alive  !
I  am  ALIVE !  ---even now !!
 This  very  thought  keeps  ME   engrossed
And  since ,I  have  been  searching
 the  meaning of  being   'Alive'
in  all  the  Books,  Dictioaries  and  
even  in  GOOGLE/Search
to  know  :
WHAT   IS     LIFE  ?
or  LIVING  ?? !!
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... continued
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Some elect leaders, some find leader, some have leaders thrust upon them...
... continued
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Just here and there
Have faces come and go
Have people asking or wanted something
... continued
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You asked If I would kiss you, I asked you why, 
I asked you not to go, you said goodbye, 
now that you are gone, they hear me sigh, 
when I think of you, I feel my heart cry. 

Getting through each day, It takes a while, 
pretending I am happy, with no smile, 
an effervescent thought, was in my dream, 
all my thoughts are not, what they may seem. 

Truth is only true, when not a lie, 
just a little kiss, then no goodbye, 
you had me fooled, I thought that you would stay, 
I was the fool, when I saw you walk away. 

Still that question haunts me, I asked why, 
I deserved it when, you said goodbye, 
then one day I saw you, I asked you why, 
you smiled, you held and kissed me, then said hi.  

Bobby Ferguson 2013 
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When I read the BIBLE I can almost envision,
The Roman soldiers leading CHRIST away to prison.
In the GOSPEL account it says that in defense of CHRIST peter drew his sword,
... continued
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Heroes with gallant
fought so hard,
afore thy time,
sacrifices made,
ultimately paid
with their lives,
many lives purloined
from love one awaiting
back on home soil,
now our predecessors
forever rest placidly,
upon the distant shores.
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In yesteryears long passed,
across a century broken,
when great evil had amassed,
... continued
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Ego in retreat 

An over whelming feeling mysteriously to run 
The retrospective now makes so much sense 

The second my clown forgets how to have fun
reality grips the moment its presence immense 

A constant relentless stirring of the mind 
a desperate need to clutch straws

Fictitious thoughts are Harshly declined 
... continued
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I wander through the light,
Into an endless hole black as night.
I wonder if I'll get back out,
... continued
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