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Never ending distance
Tired of pretense
Visiting US
... continued
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Life is a beautiful jungle.
I search for a silent place inside the jungle.
Sitting on the place I deeply meditate and fight the battles.
... continued
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Goosey, goosey gander,
Where shall I wander,
Upstairs and downstairs,
... continued
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Once upon a time in Baghdad
There lived two kids n their dad
The old man died
The sons sighed
They were Allibaba n cassim
They lived at a forests rim
Cassim married a rich girl
But aaladin a woodcutter married a poor girl
One day when aaladin went to cut wood
He overheard forty thieves from where he stood
They were planning to open their treasure house
Aaladin quickly climbed a tree so hes not seen poking his nose
They went to a cave n loudly said open SimSim
The cave opened but the light was dim
There lay before them treasures of the world
After they finished said close Sim Sim the doors
closed after they were heralded
Now Alladin came down n heralded them open for treasures
He collected a few treasures his joy was beyond measures
He borroed a scale from his brothers place
Brothers wife being clever stuck some wax under the scale in place
When he went to return the scales
Brother learnt of his treasures tales
Now Cassim went to try his luck
He collected his share but was stuck
Thieves returned they saw n killed him
Finding him missing went to get but found his bodys trim
With the help of a girl who took the body n sewed up his body
So about the type of his death would be guessed by nobody
Now the thieves finding the body missing knew
The cave was infilterated by a few
They approached the man who sewed Cassim
Asked him to tell them the brothers house n goaded him
Knowing about it they marked the house in one manner
But that girl was watching she marked all houses
n so none fell in their scanner
Now when one time they learnt who Alladin was
They planned to kill him without much pause
They brought forty cans filled with oil as a gift
In thirty eight thieves hid so to attack him whe the lid he would lift
The girl learnt of this she played a trick
She poured boiling hot liquid in each n they died
could not stick
Alladin gifted the girl a lot of wealth
And finally married her to his son as he had a sound mental health.

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Spiritual Elevation
Saints dare to dwell at the highest possible places
They remain one on one with God in a real trance
... continued
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Rains have made the weather cool
Summer is resting in rain's pool
As the years passed relationship
... continued
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Ambrosial Play

A rose was flourishing
... continued
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... continued
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