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"Duck Dynasty's" Demons

Secularized Christians usually live in the Country
Countrified heathens pretend to be Christians
Just because you go to Church doesn't mean you're a believer
That's something "Rednecks" always forget ot mention

If the devil's got your back does that make you a villain?
When evil is all that comes out of your mouth does that make you foul?
You can act like an idiot in Louisiana and get away with it
Everyone can see Satan in you after your anger screams out

Every demon lures you in every way they can
They disguise themselves as Angels of light
To trick you into following their wicked ways
What does a woman look like to you in the heat of the night?

Do they have your attention? (Repeat)
Everywhere you look there's a naked female
Whether they're wearing clothes or not
If a man walked out of his house looking like that
They'd yell
Learn how to dress maniac!
Then laugh him out of the neighborhood til he ended up in jail

Stop blaming everyone else for your problems (Repeat)
You chose to be this blatant
Your ignorance is their blessing
Is that why you're always so vacant?

What Swamp did you crawl out of? (Repeat)

Marsh Monsters provide the best entertainment (Repeat)

Dance beast dance (Repeat)

Dance you idiot dance! (Repeat)                                
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"Duck Dynasty's" Demons, by Eugene Hetler 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Eugene Hetler More than 1 year ago
and keeps vile fame whores from being looked at in a respected light.
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