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Why Do I Love You So Much My Love

Why Do I Love You So Much My Love, and why does my heart only want to belong to You forever? Because I have no other thought but the one about pleasing you every moment, I have no other way to feel alive but by the grace of your touch physically, sentimentally, emotionally and sexually. Yes sweetheart, why am I so enamored by you? For my heart is never satisfied by the ways it makes you feel, nor does it ever want to rest even after you say "I am so happy"
Oh Me, whatever will I do if I can't continue to love you! Oh my heart where will you and I go to ever be so privileged to love such a perfect person just for us! Oh body of mine, how can you ever feel aroused if not for the touch of my Baby! Oh my mind, can you ever make sense of the bond that my love and I share! Oh my dreams, what more can I do to make you all come any truer!.... For these are my hourly struggles within myself for you my love, and why I am so flabbergasted as to why I love you so much.
And so a love poem to try to find the answers to me being so baffled, and a reaching out to try to make sense and put in perspective my feelings for you, my emotions that belong to you, my pride that resides in you, my joy that lies within your presence my love. And so I push through, and so I persevere with the greatest love of all being shared by us.
And I know this little bit, that I do love you so much because it is my job to do so, because in my eyes only you exist, because within my members - pleasures are only found coming from your caressing hands, within my fantasies are all the little things that you allow me to do, and because within my hope you are the light. And so I accept my fate my wonderful love, I abide by my Lot in love, I live peacefully within the realm of your greatness and invincible love that protect and shelter me all the days of my life.
Oh Why, why, why do I love you so much? Why must I be so happy with you, and why are my heart and soul so dedicated to you sweetheart? Well I do know that We are Diamonds, and We are Forever. I do know that We are Love, and We are Eternal. We are Free, and We are Priceless.
We are a Team, and We can never Lose... I Love You... Yours, James Dazouloute
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Joe Ryan More than 1 year ago
Barry White and some "poetress" had a baby and it's you.
Linda Murray More than 1 year ago
Very Nice Write ♥
Sandra Meadows 7 months ago
CJ Hair More than 1 year ago
It was really long, but worth it. I can tell you put a good bit of time and thought into this, so I read the entire thing. +1 man
Jacob Baroni More than 1 year ago
kind of long, but very good.
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