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Forever plus a million years

The rider on the horse that’s red, is the second seal 
Everything is now in place, War! You soon will feel 

First nation to get blown away, is the USA 
Grim Reaper just can’t wait, many many he will slay 

Run into your bunkers, deep beneath the ground 
Pray the rocks to fall on you, Lamb’s Vengeance will abound 

Not a pleasant way…pleasant way to die 
Lamb’s Wrath you will feel, so weep and wail and cry 

After you are dead, guess where you will go 
A place of red-hot fire, a place of pain and woe 

There is a place, there is a place…prepared for you to dwell 
Forever you will burn, forever burn in Hell 
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Yvonne Sensing More than 1 year ago
Jec Manlapaz More than 1 year ago
Passionately written.
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