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In distance I see a silhouette, a picturesque scene
There is standing, a woman whose eyes I've never seen
A child possess her windows of most amazing soul
Her skin as soft as feather, beneath she touches gold.
Slowly I come closer to take a better look
I shiver - there a little girl whose lips as soft as rose
Closer there I came to hear, a laughter filled with joy
Inviting me in cheerful wave and fun and friendly stroke.
I stared at her an anguished look, a trembling hand I reached
In graceful silence reached me back, I startled to my feet
Unhesitant, in open arms she leads me to my trail
Back to the path to lead me back where I have gone astray.

I wondered why she sang to me an ever-loving song
Where greatness fall, my naked self and barren soul I bear
She seemed to hear my deepest thoughts and sweetly lifts me up
She breathes and sighs and sweetly smiles, her hug had made me sob.
In silent pace we reached the point where she can pass no more
I looked at her and asked her why cannot she come along
She shrugged and held me just as close, removed our hand in hand
Remarkably I had been strong all through her walk with mine.
In thankful deed I pulled her back, I hugged her one last time
Her eyes poured rain but happily, she pat me once-a-more
And now she's gone in sight as I succeed in peaceful bliss
Forever be in heart and mind, she'll be an angel friend.
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Dorielyn Sta. Cruz More than 1 year ago
Dedicated to an old friend, Lucy of Toronto.
Poetry.com 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Sofia Quilbio More than 1 year ago
Lorraine Rohtmets More than 1 year ago
Hasmukh Mehta More than 1 year ago
i see clearly a woman
ARUN MAZUMDER 9 days ago
very good
misha misha More than 1 year ago
its very interesting and good
Kayla Danielle More than 1 year ago
i enjoyed this:)
liz howard More than 1 year ago
It was a great poem. I liked it.
Destiny B. Retherford More than 1 year ago
this is really good.
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