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The Conjuring

Infected, infested, haunted
That steady stream taunted
Down on my haunches
Abandoning those hunches
At it I peeked
Ever so spontaneously
Antsy it peeped
More so effortlessly
Realization reflected
The thoughts collected
Jumpy at first
Flighty the next
Inaugural they flowed
Primal as been sowed
Cliquishly cabal
Like the  ordained hamal
C'est la galère
Though, quite a heady affair
As we embarked
and we bookmarked
Pages smeared and dog eared
A recent time ago
By the virtual virtue
Of vices dipped in spices
Words “web”ed and thoughts ebbed
Such was the conjuring.
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Phillip Knox More than 1 year ago
This poem is good. It flows with rhyms. It stresses a message which is clear. Keep up the good work.
Deep Mangat More than 1 year ago
Thank you!
Peter cotton More than 1 year ago
very powerful i like it
Deep Mangat More than 1 year ago
Thank you!
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