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A prayer for our President

May GOD protect, our President
And keep him in his embrace.
Give him the power to make The Change
For the better, For all, For the Human Race.
Lord, we know he is not a Super man
But, may his thoughts, his ideas, be safe and sound.
May he land on his feet, yet able to leap...
In a single bound.
Give him the strength to remove obstacles, in his way,
With a volatile memory of the past.
Sealing the wounds of a nation,
Where hatred has, so long last.
Lord, give him the wisdom and the visions,
To see his way through a "Masked Destruction."
May he realize, he can not lead us
Without putting you first and seeking your instructions.
May the people, our President, put in charge
Do, what is right
And may any bad decisions, they intentionally make,
Will all, be brought to light.
GOD Protect Our President.
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Caroline Smith More than 1 year ago
It is really unique!
Sandra Meadows More than 1 year ago
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