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Bang Bang

Bang Bang

She used to be a victim 
underneath the whip
She let her pride shrink 
and her confidence slip
But then she realized 
her words could sink a ship
So now she lets it rip
and shoots straight from the hip
Bang Bang

She means what she says
and says what she means
She knows what you’re up to
behind your smoke screen
She’s as sharp as a tack
her veins are filled with caffeine 
She’s the straight talking Queen
not afraid to make a scene 
Bang Bang

She’ll tell you off with lips
that are shiny and pink 
And then chain you in her spell
and tighten all the links
If she doesn't get her way
she’ll make a big stink
Then she’ll push you to the brink
and doesn't care what you think
Bang Bang

And you’ll come back for more 
cause she’s got addictive powers
You’ll beg her for forgiveness 
with a fist full of flowers 
She’s got sexy charisma
that you’ll want to devour
She’s a hot meteor shower 
so run and cower
Bang Bang
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Kirby Wagner More than 1 year ago
describes a lot of my exs..
Hasmukh Mehta More than 1 year ago
must preserve and not serve against conscience
Alfred Pate More than 1 year ago
good flow, good concept and a nice wind up
Jason Jerome 29 days ago
Self. Alright you primitive screw heads, listen up. This is my BOOM stick.
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