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Cancer is a dreadful disease
You need to fight it or you will cease
It’s hard sometimes as the time drags on
The treatment hits you like a ton
Chemotherapy is hard to comprehend
The side effects drive you round the bend
The radiation has its own effects
Your body takes a trouncing you become a wreak
But looking on the brighter side of this
You get closer to Jesus who gives you bliss
You know how much you’re loved and cared for
Family and friends are with you more
You realise how precious life is
Every second is something to cherish
Gone are your bad habits and pettiness
You only see the good not the boorishness
Your outlook on life takes a drastic turn
Everything seems new there is so much to learn
So thank you Jesus for guiding me through
Without your love I'd have no clue
I've survived and that’s thanks to YOU
You're the miracle worker so loving and true.
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chinny Castle More than 1 year ago
I admire your bravery. God bless you.
Garrett Miranda More than 1 year ago
This subject is super powerful. I believe with some different wording and maybe some symbolism this can be twice as powerful. Sometimes what really grabs the reader believe it or not is not being so direct about what you are talking about and teaching the reader a lesson but leaving it to them to interpret in their own lives! God bless you
Larry Stallings More than 1 year ago
nice witness
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