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Once more into the Fray

Once More Into The Fray
Where All I see is fog or grey
Into The Last Fight I'll Ever See
To Reveal That Which Was Hidden From Me
Repulsive Yet Adhesive This War Seems
My Sword Glows Of Glory And Valor
My Will Weak Yet Determined
Endless, The Labyrinth, The Catacomb
Where My soul Lies Patient yet anxious
to follow, follow the path of wisdom
Forever and ever awaited this moment 
by me and thousands before
to seek light in the era of dark
to seek victory and salvation 
in the darkness of the season unending
I prayed for once to Ares and Mars
and then to the wise within me
All I heard and realised was 
"Was my war against my enemies
on within me on myself"
That moment I realised,
The Enigma opened itself before me,
Above my wish to attain salvation, enlightenment
was a sword and shield of aggression 
My instincts ruled me, not my soul and heart
Too ignorant , Blind to see
I flew along with the Blizzard without resistance
.....All to come seems dark,
Is it late to repay for my sins 
I regret,
and forever kept asking myself,
I regret at last,
For I had been too late to be wise, 
too late to be true
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Roland Ediare More than 1 year ago
Asking for more than you have seen or have, asking for a reach beyond setback...good job
Benjamin Howard Jr. More than 1 year ago
good poem
Samia Samara More than 1 year ago
I think the poem objective is to give message about the true God.! The poet is experiencing fight with the world,with witch is good and which is not and she could not resist temptations. She thought that idols will solve problems.She counted on her own wisdom "that is within her", then she couldn't make it and she couldn't be happy without the wisdom given from the true God who was there waiting to save her even if she was late.
Edward Wahbe More than 1 year ago
A poem written without a layout for the ideas and elements of the poem . The verses are random generated , the discussion leads to usage of objects that fit the instantaneous verse , one verse at a time lacking continuity . It is Ok for a poet on his way to experiment and try a layout for his poem . Gaining experience will help on the long term , and might be necessary It is OK
Akash Saxena More than 1 year ago
thank you , a worthy advice. this is actually my first poem and i hope to learn more in the time to come.
ryan mclay More than 1 year ago
very forward, good message, basic rhyme scheme.
Akash Saxena More than 1 year ago
than you very much, i'll assure you that i will write even better to make it worth your 5 stars
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