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Mountain Man

Mountain man
You left too soon
Taken all alone 
Your light put out 
In our hearts still shines brightly
I wish I still could hold you tightly 

Mountain man 
Our mountain man
Now you'll be serene 
Floating up in heaven 
In your yellow submarine

Sam Sam the mountain man 
To me you'll always be 
The happy guy always so kind
We'd find at archery 

Samuel Berenbiem,
 why did you go!
I miss you 
I miss you so...
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Alan Green 'Guppyman' More than 1 year ago
the poet tells of the sorrow that is all of samuel berenbiems pasing
smilin desporado More than 1 year ago
hope u find gain
Omajean Lewis More than 1 year ago
Gone to heaven 
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