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Grow Old With Me

Grow Old With Me

Come hold my hand and let our love grow
The best is yet to come and I wont put our
Love on the run so hold on !
When our time has come ,we will be as one
Jehovah bless our love from heaven above,
You was sent to me to set all my pains free
God bless our love don't you see ?
Come live with me and let our love grow .
And let our love be like an old love letter of 
Long ago that takes hold of a new soul ;
Grow old along with me and let's see where it goes ,
The pleasure prove that the valleys , and the hill
And the fields ,woods or steeply mountain have
So much to give since Jehovah made them like
He made us with love .
Two branches of one tree
Face the setting sun and run so free like the Sea 
When the day is done a new page for you and me .
Jehovah bless our love and let it grow like a mustard tree .
Spending our lives together as Man and wife ,
World without end you and me like the Sea .
Grow old along with me ,whatever faith of love brings 
We will sing on high to Jehovah's the maker of love .

Lilly Emery

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Phanibhusan Basu More than 1 year ago
with prayer & promise .
Hikmet KARAKAŞ More than 1 year ago
nice job
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