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Goodbye MADIBA

Oh Mandela
Birds are flying
Rivers are flowing
Childrean are playing
Oh Mandela
Hearts of your nation beating
Glory of sunshine
Mysterious colours of sunset
Oh Mandela
Wind is howling
Sun is shining
Moon is setting
Oh Mandela
The news of your demise
The seriousness of your cause
The memories of your life
Oh Mandela
Our tears will flow
Our hearts will aptly ache
Our minds will wonder
Oh Mandela
We will see you flying  with the birds
Swimming with the Dolphins
Arching with the rainbow and waving goodbye
Oh Mandela
We will wave goodbye and cry a river
We will miss you forever
Oh Mandela
Rest in peace
You are the symbol of peace,love and honesty
Rest in peace you are the father of freedom
Goodbye our dearest MADIBA.
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Prevy Molokomme More than 1 year ago
FAIR WELL (By Potso Prevy Molokomme) A giant tree has fallen… Shaking the earth worse than earth-quake nor tsunami Living branches neglected and lying in isolation Vandalising nests, and birds flying in vain Ground cracking painfully not to be patched again. There goes a tree that entails various emotions to its community Tree that is admired by the world at large That spoke not to a heart nor mind but soul That created a shelter for everybody to stay in times of fear And brought about joyful tear. It stood still through tough and stormy deluges It held its grounds through rough and harsh winds It always provided fruits to its society It never held a grudge to its perpetrators Instead it learned to forgive and move on… By patching and cleaning up wounds. A giant tree has fallen… Leaving behind sore hearts A giant tree has fallen Leaving behind great memories A giant tree has fallen Leaving behind a success …An exemplary figure to the community Leaving behind a joint nation. It was just an ORDINERY tree Doing EXTRAORDINERY deeds A giant tree’s name is “TATA NELSON ROLIHLAHLA MADIBA MANDELA” MAY HIS SOUL R.I.P
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Bill Von Huben More than 1 year ago
Well done. A huge loss for humanity
Blanca Woody More than 1 year ago
Nothing I said will compared to this great figure of a man.The author said it all. Thanks.
Juan Harmon More than 1 year ago
very good
Shakil Ahmed Baliyavi More than 1 year ago
Debra Lalli More than 1 year ago
A hero lost
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