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Dark Sonnet 2

Death, the word echoes ceaseless in my mind;
a light breeze humming in the darkest hour.
Why do we live; what do we need to find?
What do we fight for; money, love, power?
Love is so great yet it sometimes tastes sour;
singing to the worthy, spiting who's not.
What's Love's underestimated power?
How does it know who's worthy and who's not?
Heaven, the pantheon that's highly sought;
the Utopia promised at life's end.
Is Heaven real, or are we doomed to rot?
Is there really a place for souls to send?
Human minds lack the size to comprehend,
making life's questions hard to understand.
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A. M. Sirce More than 1 year ago
This poem was inspired by those pesky "what should I believe in?" questions, and I am glad to say that I am making my own beliefs.
A. M. Sirce More than 1 year ago
Number 2 of my Dark Sonnet Duo. I also wrote this for an assignment in the same English class. I also wrote a third, but it was crappy compared to the first 2 so I discarded it.
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susan smith More than 1 year ago
I thought it was great
Coy Day More than 1 year ago
love it
Saroj Gupta More than 1 year ago
you get nothing free pay the price to enjoy the abundances of divine gifts,
Ofuonyebi 'Dinobi More than 1 year ago
nice write..welldone
Angela Kirk More than 1 year ago
Dark but light
Lumpy Euphoria More than 1 year ago
feels good
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