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Never Had A Love So Deep

Never Had A Love So Deep
Confused on many decisions
Of my life
Some regrets
But all in love...
In my world happiness reign
Charity kisses away pain
How I feel I cannot speak
Joy unspeakable
Open clear skies
Clouds of shapes of hearts
Sunshine warms my face
Bless with God's grace
Each and every morning I wake up to you...
The look in your eyes I see why they write love songs
A blind man speaks of a ribbon in the sky...
Swimming across oceans
Because there's nothing can keep me from you
Believe in us
Believe in our love
Believe that God brought us together
Bless with your hands in marriage
Never fifty percent
Giving each other our all.
Lick my wounds
Patched up my heart
Tell me to keep my faith
The sun will always shine
Even through the storms
Embrace when I didn't have anything
Gave me encourage
Prayed against my enemies
Excite my fire to wanna love again
The flowers to my garden
Stars to my sky
Air in my lungs
You're the poetry to my words
A reason to live
When I pray
I pray for you too...
Lord forbids anything happens to you...
All I want to do is love you for the rest of my life...
No one I've ever known love me
The way I love you.
Never had a love so deep…
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THERILUS THE POET More than 1 year ago
Ana Pelayo More than 1 year ago
No love in the poet's life.
THERILUS THE POET More than 1 year ago
Michele White More than 1 year ago
Very nice love poem. Touched my heart it did. (Sound like Yoda don't I?}
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