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Three monkeys sitting in a tree
One is good and one is bad
The other one is me

The one monkey is well behaved
A pillar of society
Well respected is he

The other one has no conscience
He is a party animal
Bad to the bone is he

And then there is the likes of me
Sometimes good but often times bad
A mixed up mess is me

It is hard for me to believe
That three so different characters
Come from one family tree 
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Ethan Todd More than 1 year ago
When a family is so diverse, it's very easy to see which child feels like the outcast most.
michael buster More than 1 year ago
Good job
Grace Cole More than 1 year ago
The flow here needs a lot of work. Each line should flow effortlessly into the next. The overall idea of this one is excellent. I can see what you were going for. But if you just spend a few more minutes on it, you can turn a good piece into a spectacular one.
Jessika Washington More than 1 year ago
did know where you where going with this one,,,it was kinds confusing..but it was good
Cornell Mack 22 days ago
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