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Time to say goodbye

Time to say goodbye, 
a time not to cry. 
Wipe the tears from your face, 
with this tissue you leave no trace. 
You are gone and slip away, 
I couldn’t even ask you to stay. 
Your in heaven far from here, 
the memories of you we can share. 
The color of your hair; 
it was soft and fair. 
The blank stear of your eyes, 
so much hatred and lies. 
Its time to say goodbye, 
I still can’t seem to wonder why. 
You chose to be far away, 
my love for you here it will stay.
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Anupam Karangle More than 1 year ago
i just loved it!! keep it up!
Jessie Ramirez More than 1 year ago
words flow continuously, and the target is hit.
Caitlin Crawford More than 1 year ago
I liked it. it sucks having to let go of people when you are not ready. but I think we grow a little for it
Shakil Ahmed Baliyavi More than 1 year ago
well composed
Jane Lomas More than 1 year ago
beautiful little poem
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