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WELL I did that of course...I let her go cause she wanted to leave.
not telling me why of a course...I still haven't a clue about her peeve.

HELL, I've heard so many reasons...I did nothing to impede.
If you love her let her go...I did love her, I gave her the moment to seize.

WHATEVER, what have I now but nothing...but unadulterated loneliness.
But then with her here... it was a class in lasciviousness, I knew this.

SHE never was mine to hold...only when first wed and love was new.
A man often takes things for granted...but her I knew, I really knew.

WANTS she always had many of these...she never really had any needs.
I was ever stymied from advances...I knew she had others for her to squeeze.

SHE'S a woman who knows how to use men...no man can ever be her friend.
I've tried!  The Lord knows I've tried!..I was willing to love her until the end.

GOT another man now for a few years anyway...I'll wish him luck, but Karma
will eventually come to play for her...and then her act and lies may harm her.

IT is not a good feeling...But I wonder how many she has hurt deeply.
To her this is a game...that will in the end bring shame giving back to her miserably. 
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Lucian Tower More than 1 year ago
This poem is another natural cause for loneliness. Another love gone bad. Thanks! Lucian Tower
Poetry.com 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Tiffany Ariana More than 1 year ago
I'm feeling a great country song here. If she comes back...Loathe her !!!
Lucian Tower More than 1 year ago
Hi Tiffany Ariana! Thanks for your review and your great comments about my poem and to me. I never thought of it as a country song, but it could be. Did you get the complete message the Capitalized words are also a verse read downward. Are you a song writer? If so let me know how it would fit into country? Thanks again! Lucian Tower (I'm on Facebooks too.)
ARUN MAZUMDER 8 months ago
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