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Knight's Tale

I hear the rain and the wind as they crash on the walls,
I feel them beating as my heart slowly falls.
I’ve put up my armor like when I’m asleep,
For I dream I’m a knight, guarding his keep.
My keep is my heart; but the battlements fail
As I let one emotion create this knight’s tale.
With a valiant stand I draw my sharp sword,
The Mind is its name, it serves only it’s lord.
The emotion’s a dragon, raging inside.
But I stand to fight it, I don’t run and hide.
The dragon is shifty, I can’t understand it.
It dives and it swoops, and it lands a hard hit.
It knocks me aback with a fiery roar,
Then launches itself and takes off to soar.
I charge it head on, my Mind in my hand.
My armor is gleaming across the whole land.
I’d hoped it would catch the eye of a maiden.
As I stab and I thrust at the beast once again.
But my judgment was flawed, the beast was a friend.
It could have helped me if I’d looked to the end.
The dragon defeats me, it bears many names:
Lover, Betrayer, and Player of Games.
The trickster I fell for was quite the hard charmer.
It left me with nothing, no knight in bright armor.
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robert grandinetti More than 1 year ago
Vivek Asrani More than 1 year ago
The emotions are good.
Luke Odia More than 1 year ago
well crafted
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