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Never Giving Up!

I Don't wanna let u down,
I dont wanna make a sound,
I don't wanna make a move,
cuz im so scared of loosing u,
I don't kno what to do,
I don't kno where to go,
cuz i wanna turn to u,
I wanna hold U n my arms,
and never let u go,
I wish u were here with me,
cuz I'm not ready to say good bye,
I'm not ready to let u go,
I'm tired of crying,
hurting inside,
I've felt like this for awhile,
Ever since u died,
And i just wanna bring u back,
see you alive again,
I miss how u laughd,
or the talks that we had,
the fun that we shared,
the memories we made,
But that's all the past,
I'm learning to live,
With loosing you,
others have passed,
and my heart turns to stone,
trying to protect me,
saving me from pain,
I give it all I've got,
and all I get in return,
Is broken promises,
and more heart ache,
I can't deal with loss,
Cuz I've lost to much,
I can't turn back,
So I'm moving on,
Holding ur hand,
not ready to let go,
One foot in the past,
Remembering you,
The pain reminds me,
of the happiness we shared,
and ones that I've lost,
All along the way.
I don't wanna forget you,
or the times that we shared,
so for now I'm holdin,
onto what i got,
and maybe it's not much,
but it reminds me of you,
and that I'm not loosing,
never giving up!
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Ismet Ozce More than 1 year ago
good work.
Deb Borrie More than 1 year ago
nice flow
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