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i am an addict

I am an addict I know this for sure, but deep in my heart there's still something pure.
 I am an addict for all the world to see. There are many thoughts of I wish I didnt have to be.
 I am an addict who has done many awful things.
 Just like a puppet my addiction had me by the strings.
 I am an addict, a liar, a cheat. This poison I must desparatley find a way to beat.
I am an addict with such great hope. So many days I put it all in some dope.
 I am an addict who has a big voice.Who also had the chance to make a non drug abuse choice.
 I am an addict who ran to hide, but all of that was because of my pride.
 I am an addict and if I look around many of addict friends are burried in the ground.
 I am an addict and drugs were my master. I kept going down faster and faster.
 I am an addict who has to admit complete defeat. Make the right choices and my addiction I shall beat.
I am an addict who's ready to part.
 I am an addict ready for my brand new start.. 
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Molly Frasca More than 1 year ago
love it
Larry Stallings More than 1 year ago
hitting bottom is the start
Deb Borrie More than 1 year ago
I so can relate....addiction drove my life more years then I want to mention...I had been drug free for 8 yrs then went back at it for two..I am two yrs clean now...the key is surrender...learn to love yourself and know it is always ok to ask for help ...nice honest poem solid message...I red flagged one of the comments someone left you....remain honest open and willing that is H.O.W. it works
Oscar Pelta More than 1 year ago
bravely and brutally honest, the poet tells the tale of the hopeless chase of the ecstatic state
Robbie Watson More than 1 year ago
:) great poem
Ravikant Svateerth More than 1 year ago
go on
maddie bouton More than 1 year ago
relatable topic; strong ending
Lea Kretschmar More than 1 year ago
Deepit Purkayastha More than 1 year ago
Written well in plain and simple english but it has kind of an abrupt start and an abrupt end and each line is a statement in itself the poem is not able to set the mood very well.
Bob Lapsley More than 1 year ago
I don't know if this poem is part of some twelve step program, it sounds like it is. But never mind, the sentiment is - own it, and get on with gett'n on. That is an attitude I admire, Best of luck to you Tonia
Tonia Mackey More than 1 year ago
actually I wrote this and 3 others while in rehab but thanks a lot
Alyssa Belle More than 1 year ago
It's awkwardly written. You have a good voice and a good idea, you just need help with portraying it clearly.
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