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Heaven Needed a Mom

So many things of mom I miss
Her gentle hug and tender kiss
I still can feel her warm embrace
And yet picture her loving face.

A mothers' task is never done
and Heaven must of needed one
for angels' came and took her hand
and led her to GOD'S promised land

She's surley kept quite busy there
brushing little angels' hair.

Although there is sadness, this I know - -
She's waiting there, her face aglow

I close my eyes and I can see - -
her arms still open wide for me and angels with open wings
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Chantelle Cox 9 months ago
Missing your Mom is hard. But knowing she's waiting for me is a blessing
Chantelle Cox More than 1 year ago
Death..... REALITY
Poetry.com 4.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings. 5 reviews.
Walter Dossi 9 months ago
I just love this poem!
Stephanie McAfee More than 1 year ago
I saw most of this poem in a picture on Facebook. I had to find the writer. Thank you so much!! I have to share this. I know a few people who really need to read this thank you so much!! AMAZING!! keep writing I needed to hear this today not, because my mom but, my grandmother! Thanks again!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!
Darlene Dai'Re More than 1 year ago
Ronald Downs More than 1 year ago
this poem has alot of love for a mother who passed on, I really love this poem its sweet.
Flashin12000 . More than 1 year ago
i feel your pain, who could replace her...
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