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Forever in my heart.

Forever in my heart. 

You are forever in my heart. 
Even when we are apart. 
Even the darkest news, an in the darkest blues, you'll forever be in my heart. 

You'll forever be in my soul. 
Even when we grow old. 
Even when we are senile, even when sick. 

You'll always be in my heart, even when it's the time to go, I'll feel your touch, I'll feel your embrace, even though we're forever apart until we meet again. 
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anand kumar More than 1 year ago
i love it.
ANGEL NECLOS More than 1 year ago
ashley wilson More than 1 year ago
its good i like it
Nilotpal Chanda More than 1 year ago
Love sublime , always there in your heart
Judy Dick More than 1 year ago
Never cease the day when you don't write. This is something very special.
Laura Hardgrave Mangold More than 1 year ago
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