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Into the Darkness

Night swallows the light like a shadow up above
Day sinks away into the darkness that we love
owls start to hoot and loot grassy fields for prey
stars begin to shine in a divine display
the moon seems like a dream, a vivid fantasy
frogs croak together in a cleaver symphany
Bats fill the sky as they fly out in swarms
we blissfully retire are a fire keeps us warm
Dawn sneaks upon the darkness with it's glory
Night time is romantic like a fantastic bedtime story

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Faheem Jawaid More than 1 year ago
As beautiful as night Dana. A delightful read indeed.
drkgbalakrishnan kandangath More than 1 year ago
Bong Herbert Guitang More than 1 year ago
rhyming is excellent Kindly review my poems as well. Thank you-- bong herbert guitang
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