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The Prayer Warrior,

My spirit is agitated.
My soul is frustrated.
The cold barren wind
Of sin
and iniquity
has blown through me.
I hear the chilling voice of the prince of the air.
Carry the calls of souls in despair.
... My prophetic heart begins to pump spiritual adrenaline
Supplied by the mind of God in Heaven.
I do not flight
But I prepare to fight.
I enter into prayer armed as a spiritual warrior.
I ascend into the heavenlies as a demon destroyer.
Slaying demons with God's word as my sword.
Slicing thorough lies and pulling down strongholds until they get floored.
Pushing for more territory from darkness with the might of Heaven behind me.
Through the name and strength of Jesus Christ I declare victory.
In the lives of the afflicted.
I declare they are free and delivered from the hand of the wicked
When I stand in the Gap.
My Spoken word moves the mighty hand of God to Slap
The devil and his minions.
They are free from their dominion
I return victorious from the realm of the spiritual
And watch deliverance manifest in the realm of the natural
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Ravikant Svateerth More than 1 year ago
thanks for sharing
Anthony Pidanick More than 1 year ago
I liked it, good job poet
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