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I sit within these white-stained halls,
and watch the sun apone the walls.
Time goes on the river flows,
days drift by as i write this prose.
Sun still rises, night still falls,
and still i'm lost within these walls.
i smile and dream of faces past,
but through the gateway i:ve been cast.
Lost in limbo, the flipside distilled,
from within this dimention time stands still.
Osmosis method of sanity.
The woman smiles as she percieves,
the other womans reflection.
The mirrow womans reality is close but not exactly.
Not like the outer womans greatest fancy.
I sit live for awhile and at thia places pain i smile,
i"m some what  quit intreged,at the evil this place breaths.
And i will make marry at the clint daily.
Where men milk each other hidden needs,
and sow the seeds of rival wellness.

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Jodi Helm More than 1 year ago
Horizon Hotel was the very first poem i wrote and after writing it , it was like getting all my emorions out of my mind and on paper, like writting it out of me very theraputic and i feel inlove with writing and reading other peoples poetry . so my x-boyfriend father of my child was acompletly evil man and i wrote a poem called" I Hate You " so i guess i should sharebit but the last time i did the site one day would not let me in told me my name my user name nothing they had in there but i can see my site and just cant get in, so im scared of losing it or someome taking it.
Poetry.com 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
David Bradley More than 1 year ago
its a little confusing, but good
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