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my faith is with God

YESTERDAY, I was confused and distraught.
 I was angry over the disappointed turn of events that occurred in my life.
 I turned to God and asked him, “WHY?
Why me, what did I do to deserve this pain”?
 I later realized that it was probably because my faith in the lord had slipped away.
 I needed to get myself back on track.
Well I did.
TODAY, I'm so grateful and happy.
I learned that not every day is going to be perfect.
Yes there will be days when life feels like hell BUT keep believing....
Never lose your faith in God because he is a good God.
Everything happens for a reason.

So my friend, have a blessed day

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Amiadra Arrington More than 1 year ago
Carl Semien More than 1 year ago
God is the same, Yesterday! Today! And Forever!!
Nico Alex More than 1 year ago
Can't say much. I'm questioning my faith right now, whether I believe in something or not. Have a blessed day! This is better than your last.
Saroj Khan More than 1 year ago
like it
Russell Leroy SalleyI jr More than 1 year ago
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