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Sometimes love can come into your life for the best,and sometimes it can come into your life for the worse.
Sometimes love can bring your heart so much joy and sometimes love can cause it to burst.
Just like God love works in misterious ways.
Sometimes you keep the love through the plessure and sometimes the plessure gets to old that you dont want to stay.
Its funny how love works one minute your happy then the next your said.
Sometimes love is great and sometimes you wake up and realize that you lost the love that you never really had.
Love can take you beyond your wildest dreams as if you were hitting the gates to Heavan but it can also take to on that ride to hell.
But keep faith,keep God and just like whitney soon you will exhale
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Jalen Conway More than 1 year ago
I understand your message and experience what you are feeling as well. A couple mistakes on here with the misspelling words. Be sure to correct it.
aryan choudhary More than 1 year ago
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