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Beautiful Words

User by Caity B
There should be beautiful words for how I feel.
Not just plain old words thrown together in haste,
Instead words chosen by a craftsman,
Words that fit together with a resounding "click".
\These words should exist that describe the sunshine inside,
Words that flow, words that expand, words with pride.
Words that encapsulate the power of this feeling,
So that I can take it outside of me to share.
\But I am not a craftsman, I cannot make the words click.
On my tongue they bounce against each other and crack
So that they can't fit together as they should.
So instead I will have inside me this feeling
That will pulse with my heartbeat
Until the ache forces my tongue to falter,
\And then one word will slip out unbroken
\And the pressure will be relieved a little bit
Because now the feeling is out for all to understand.
There it is on a paper, or hanging in the air
Inside the curves of beautiful letters
Strung together to make beautiful words.
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Ricky Jiongco More than 1 year ago
good poem about what you feel before you write. choose beautiful words.
Kathy Boyer 6 months ago
I really like what the poem talks about , would like to hear some examples of beautiful words added into poem
James Finch More than 1 year ago
Dyese More than 1 year ago
very interesting poem
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