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While I was plucking the thought-flowers
From the garden of my mind,
While the fragrance of unplucked flowers
Was blowing on me-
The blowing fragrance has
Wished to have intimacy with me!

I have removed my make-up
The flowers have appreciated my move
I have also stopped my desires
The flowers have welcomed my stand

I have played the silence
I have breathed the meditation

The blowing fragrance of unplucked flowers
Endeavoured flawlessly,
Pulling me continuously-

I have hovered in myself
I have mingled with myself

There in the sky 
Like the messages of the prophets
Clouds subsist !
They have invited me
To have relationship with them-

An unblossomed flower said
"Please wait for me"

After having discounted myself from me
I got ready to be a winner.
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Donna Harding More than 1 year ago
Keep writing.
LouisLooneyrightwingnut Sariego More than 1 year ago
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